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Billy Daveys Daughter by Stereophonics

added on 08-May-2017
Billy Daveys Daughter

I never knew her name
I only knew her fame
She lived near my town
another goldfish to drown

Well I just passed the bridge
that parts us from them
the bridge that she used
again and again and again

BRIDGE : I remember when I found her
Billy Daveys Daughter
The Word Gets Around
Word Gets Around

CHORUS : Billy Davey's second daughter
threw herself to dirty water
Billy's left with nothing but a dream (x2)

Coda : He dreams (x8) - Word Gets Around

INTRO : Em7 G Cadd9 G – G Dsus4/F# Em7
VERSE : Em7 G Cadd9 G (x2) G Dsus4/F# Em7
Em7 G Cadd9 G – G Dsus4/F# Em7
Em7 G Cadd9 Am11
BRIDGE : Em7 G Cadd9 - G Dsus4/F# Cadd9 (x2)
CHORUS/Coda : G Dsus4/F# Cadd9 Dsus4/F# (x4)