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Prayer for a wanker by Noir Desir

added on 08-May-2017
Prayer for a wanker
Noir Désir

I can swim, let's dive again
Into another screen
I could scream but the silence
Is the best scene
I can print, this picture won't tell you
What I mean

A prayer for a wanker
I guess it's enough
I'm sure it's enough

Just a prayer for a wanker
A prayer for a wanker
A prayer for a wanker

I can swear, someday we'll take this other way
Let me crawl up to any big wide road
But I want to be sure
Yeah I wanna be pure
And I carry on with an inner storm
And it's blank around
I could stop now
But it's another dream my friend

CHORUS : C G Am G F Am (x2)