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Its all understood by Jack Johnson

added on 08-May-2017
It's all understood
Jack Johnson
Everyone laughed at her joke
As if they'd never even heard it before
And maybe they were truly amused
But every word she spoke was a bore
And maybe it's because they had seen
The previews on the TV screen
"Well this part is good and that's well understood,
so you should laugh if you know what I mean"

CHORUS : But it's all relative
Even if you don't understand
Well it's all understood
Especially when you don't understand
Then it's all just because
Even if we don't understand
Then let's all just believe

Everyone knows what went down
Because the news was spread all over town
And fact is only what you believe
And fact and fiction work as a team
It's almost always fiction in the end
The content begins to bend
When context is never the same


I was reading a book
Or maybe it was a magazine
Suggestions on where to place faith
Suggestions on what to believe
But I read somewhere that you've got to beware
You can't believe anything you read
But the Good Book is good and that's well understood
So don't even question if you know what I mean


But there you go, Once again
You missed the point, And then you point, your fingers at me
And say that I said not to believe (x2)
Well I believe
G D F# Bm