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Emenius Sleepus by Green Day

added on 08-May-2017
Emenius Sleepus
Green Day

I saw my friend the other day and I don't know
Exactly just what he became. It doesn't show...

REFRain 1 : Really wasn't ago that I was just like you
And now I think I'm sick and I want to go home.

How have I been, how HAVE YOU BEEN ?
It's been so long.
What have you done with all your time,
And what went wrong ?

CHORUS 2 : I knew you back when.
And you... you knew me.
And now I think you're sick.
And I wanna go home.

BRIDGE : Anybody ever say no ?
Ever tell you that weren't right ?
Where did all the little kid go ?
Did you lose it in a hateful fight ?
And you know it's true.

+ CHORUS 1 + coda

INTRO / VERSE : B E (x3) + A F#
CHORUS : E F# (x3) + B E B F# B E A F#
BRIDGE : B E B F# B E A F# +
B A (x4) + A F#
CODA : B E B F# B E A F# + B