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Power of the Gospel by Ben Harper

added on 08-May-2017
Power of the Gospel
Ben Harper

It will make a weak man mighty
It will make a mighty man fall
It will fill your heart and hands
Or leave you with nothing at all
It's the eyes for the blind
And legs for the lame
It is love for hate
And pride for shame

CHORUS : That's the power of the gospel (x2)
That's the power of the mighty power
That's the power of the gospel (x2)

Gospel on the water
Gospel on the land
The gospel in every woman
The gospel in every man
Gospel in the garden
Gospel in the trees
The gospel that's inside of you
The gospel inside of me


In the hour of richness
In the hour of need
For all of creation
Comes from the gospel seed
Now you may leave tomorrow
And you may leave today
But you've got to have the gospel
When you start out on your way


CHORUS : Em Em Bm Em C Bm Em Bm Em