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Please bleed by Ben Harper

added on 08-May-2017
Please bleed
Ben Harper

Make me feel like a beggar
Make me feel like a thief
Make me feel like a battle, that cannot end in peace
Make me feel like running, as if I've lost my nerve
Make me feel like crying, tears I don't deserve

CHORUS : Please bleed
So I know that you are real
So I know that you can feel
The damage that you've done
Who have I become
To myself I am numb, I am numb, I am numb

Is this really living? Sometimes it's hard to tell
Or is this a kind of gentler hell?
Turn out the lights
And let me stare into your soul
I was born and bled for you to hold


Never said thank you
Never said please
Never gave reason to believe
So as it stands
I remain on my knees
Good lovers make great enemies


VERSE : riff
CHORUS : Em C (x3) D + Am C (x4) D